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The signing of a Cooperation Protocol with the Municipality and Cultural Network of New Belgrade

We are pleased to inform you that the Protocol on the legal and technical cooperation between the Municipality and Cultural Network of New Belgrade and associations that will initiate, organize and produce cultural and art program in the local community space “Studentski grad” (5 Narodnih Heroja street) for the period September 2011 – February 2012.  is signed on the 5th of July 2011.

The signing was preceded by a short presentation of the Protocol by Miloš Petrović, vice president of the Municipality and by Ana Vrbanec, director of the Cultural Network, and then followed by the statements of representatives of associations protocol signatories – Nataša Milović (Scena Carina), Vida Knežević (Kontekst) and Aleksandra Jelić (APS ART).

Besides the representatives of the Municipality of New Belgrade, the event was attended by media and members of the associations protocol signatories.

Having in  mind that we have  started communication with various state-run  institutions  with the purpose of   finding a physical space for our future work, we find  these negotiations with the Municipality  of Novi Beograd successful so far. Also, we consider this event as our contribution, especially in achieving new models and procedures for  spatial solutions that can be useful to many other organizations of independent cultural and art scene, primarily  at the local level. Although this Protocol is not ideal, certainly it is a big step forward in further negotiations.

The main reason for entering this kind of cooperation is the fact that offical state institutions are public, funded by taxpayers, and  as such belong to all of us. For these reasons we have full legitimacy to take part in  future shaping and changing of these institutions. Certainly we understand that these are only small steps, minimal effects on the macro scale, which may or may not contribute to wider social and cultural change. However, as such we consider them very important, especially in terms of improving conditions in which the local independent cultural and art scene is currently working.

We would like to remind you that we have began the campaign Struggle for an autonomous space after  the decision to quit the Kontekst gallery within the new Cultural Institution‘Parobrod’ in November 2010.

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